HOAA Helpful Facts: Diet, nutrition and cancer

Nutritional myths: This is an interesting podcast with written script of discussion as well. This is a discussion by two nutritionists affiliated with cancer centers. They discuss some basic aspects of nutrition and cancer as well as some myths that are commonly heard about diet relating to cancer, including what foods to eat to avoid cancer or help treat cancer. In general, there is no one proven diet to help cope with or treat cancer. Overall, a well-balanced diet with fresh foods, lean meats do help preserve an active lifestyle and help tolerate treatment well. Occasionally if weight loss is an issue, we encourage a more high calorie diet. If you are looking into a more specific diet targeting, supplementing or avoiding a specific type of food or mineral, you should let your doctor know as occasionally more extreme diets can interfere with the types of treatment your doctor is prescribing. These nutritionists summarize at the end, saying, “It’s important for people not to get swayed too much by these myths and instead say, ‘Wow, I can make healthy choices. Do some things for myself with my diet and it’s one thing that I can do for me that will help me heal after a cancer diagnosis.’”

Check out the Podcast at Cancer.Net.