Full time phone triage system can lead to improved patient outcomes

Recent research by oncology groups has shown that clinics with a full time phone triage system have a decreased hospitalization rate and ER utilization rate as well as improved patient outcomes. At HOAA, we take pride in having a great triage system that we have had for years. We have two full time triage nurses who return patient calls quickly and are well-versed in oncology care, chemotherapy side effects and your personal treatment plans. They are in continual contact with both the doctors and the doctor’s nurses who know the patients extremely well. If there are issues or calls that arise during business hours, we will have you worked in for a same day appointment to see either the doctor or nurse practitioner familiar with your care. We can get IV fluids, nausea meds, pain meds, antibiotics started quickly if needed and we can directly admit to the hospital if needed from our clinic. We take pride in our patient care and know that it leads to less hospitalizations and ER visits and also helps personalize care for each patient to alleviate any concerns that may occur during care.

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